Sheave & Snatch Blocks

If you have been looking for the right snatch block for sale, you’ve come to the right place. All About Lifting & Safety stock a variety of sheave and snatch blocks to suit every purpose.

Snatch blocks are a specific type of block involved in heavy lifting systems. The ‘block and tackle’ system is made up of several pulleys which use rope to lift heavy materials. We have various types of snatch block for sale at All About Lifting to cater to whatever heavy equipment or rigging system you have.

Snatch blocks are an easy type of block to use, as the plate at the side allows for easy reeving (inserting or removing cables into the pulley system). If you place several of them throughout the pulley system, lifting becomes significantly easier.

Sheave Snatch Blocks

Types of Sheave & Snatch Blocks

There are many different types of snatch block for sale at All About Lifting & Safety, but we also offer the chance to pick up other accessories required for your rigging system:

  • Steel side plates
  • Steel shackles
  • Iron or steel sheaves
  • Carbon eyes
  • Assortment of pins (including center and latch styles).

All About Lifting Safety Considerations

At All About Lifting & Safety, we have over 80 years combined experience in heavy lifting equipment. In our business, our main priorities for all of our clients are safety and quality.

Here are some of our top tips to ensure you use your snatch block safely:

  • Never exceed the weight capacity
  • Ensure all ropes and blocks are dry and free of oil
  • Never exceed the rope capacity of the block
  • Ensure your block is secured correctly.

If you have any doubts about how to use snatch blocks safely, our experts are on hand to help ensure your lifting operation runs smoothly.

At All About Lifting, we have have the expertise and the knowledge to help you choose the correct snatch block for your pulley system.

We have a wide range of snatch block for sale, so give us a call today!