Big Tow Recovery Strop

Big Tow Recovery & Tow Strops are ideal substitutes for heavy chains and wire rope recovery equipment. Made with Dyneema fibre, which makes them easy to handle and more efficient, they also drastically reduce the risk posed to workers handling them compared to wire rope. These ropes are 7 times lighter than steel at the same strength.

When steel wire breaks it poses a serious threat to anyone nearby. It can cause great bodily injury or even death. The combination of the enormous energy and heavy weight causes recoil with incredible force. That recoil is highly unpredictable, flying back in a snake like manner.


  • Manufactured from Lankhorst SK-78 genuine DSM Dyneema
  • Made to order in Australia
  • Can be manufactured from 1T to 1300T and from 1M through to 200M
  • Ideal substitute for heavy chains or steel wire rope recovery strops
  • Many protective sleeve options including polyester, braided, heavy duty aramid & Kevlar
  • Sleeving can be manufactured to be removed for inspection
  • Half the weight of a Kevlar strop, and 1/8th of the weight of a steel wire strop
  • Extremely low stretch with limited, linear recoil, much safer than steel wires
  • Can be manufactured with many end termination options to suit your application
Big Tow Recovery Strops - Chart

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