Eye Bolts

The eye bolt, like the eye nut, is a key feature in any industry that involves lifting heavy material. You will find an eye bolt in almost every single industry where heavy items have to be secured or moved. Because they are the backbone of a lot of heavy lifting equipment, choosing the wrong one can have dire consequences for your equipment and staff.

At All About Lifting & Safety, our professionals will provide you with a personal consultation to help you pick the right eye bolt for your heavy lifting needs, saving you time browsing the hundreds of types out on the market.

All About Lifting & Safety Lifting Eye Bolt Types

At All About Lifting & Safety, we stock a wide range of eye bolts to cater to every heavy-lifting need. It can be hard to narrow down your choices because of the sheer number of lifting eye bolt variations on the market, which is why our professionals are on hand to help.

At All About Lifting & Safety, we are Australia’s leading supplier and advisor of all heavy lifting materials and protocols.

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