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At All About Lifting & Safety, we’re the height safety equipment specialists dedicated to providing you with quality equipment and reliable service and maintenance that you can rely on time and again to ensure the safety of you and your workplace.



Experience and Expert Opinions

When you choose to work with All about Lifting & Safety for your height safety equipment needs, you are choosing to work with experts in the field.

Combined, we have decades of experience in a variety of industries and are committed to maintaining a solid reputation as a business you can rely on to provide you with only the best height safety equipment solutions available in Queensland.


Work at Height Safety

All About Lifting & Safety Height Safety Equipment

At All About Lifting & Safety, we ensure that we take into consideration the health and safety risks that employers are prone to when they are working at height. In a constantly evolving market where there is plenty of height safety equipment, we ensure that our products are appropriate and suitable for specific projects. We have developed a wide range of fall protection specific equipment that can help you against a range of fall risks.

To keep workers safe in the event of a fall, All About Lifting & Safety offers a blend of height safety equipment and solutions. For instance, our self-retracting lifelines help workers stay safe in the event of a fall, and help them rise again too. They are available in a variety of lengths and styles and designed as per the safety legislation of Australia. We offer:

  • Sealed Version:
    one of the forms is wholly sealed that helps keep the components sealed and is ideal for working in harsh conditions.
  • Traditional:
    a version is employed in a controlled environment where working conditions are relatively less severe. So by that we mean, something less than 500 feet.

Quality Equipment & Maintenance

We only work with the best products and machinery available in height safety equipment, so when you come to us, you can be assured that you are only working with the most reliable and up-to-date equipment in the industry.

And if something does go wrong with the machinery you have purchased from All About Lifting and Safety, it’s not a problem. Our skilled and fully qualified technicians are well-versed in all our equipment, ready to meet your servicing requirements when and as needed.

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