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Penizine was developed to meet a demand in the market for a high quality water dispersant and lubricant that would resist drying. Traditional products would dispel water, but over time would dry out, leaving the exposed surface to moisture and humidity – resulting in rust. Penizine & Penizine Plus offer superb lubricity, with the protection of technical grade lanolin.

Once applied, Penizine will not wash off with water, making it an ideal protectant in humid or even marine environments. Penizine may be used for long term preservation of parts, as well as a transit coating for exporting. Penizine is safe on all surfaces including alloy components.

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  • Surface Coating – Us as a protective coating to guard against corrosion
  • Lubricant – Both Penizine and Penizine Plus provide superb lubricity for hinges and joints
  • Penetrant – Penetrates and loosens threads, locks etc. Then guards against future sticking
  • Machining – Improves cutting & drilling swaging. Extends the life of drills, dies & taps



Penizine and Penizine Plus are truly multi use metalworking fluids. Ideal for a wide variety of metal working and metal preservation uses. Use when machining components (drilling, tapping, swaging) as a machining aid, and the remaining Penizine will then act as a surface coating to protect against corrosion. Use a a penetrant to loosen locks, bolts & fasteners, and then they are protected permanently. Use as a general purpose lubricant to quieten noisy hinges and joints.

  • Will not dry out
  • Lanolin – Protection against rust
  • Available in extra heavy duty
  • ideal for all metal applications

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