Safety & Lifting Equipment

All About Lifting & Safety has a combined 80 years of experience in the safety and lifting equipment industries.

We specialise in supplying, installing, testing, and servicing lifting & safety equipment. At All About Lifting and Safety we pride ourselves on providing a superior repair, testing and maintenance service for your load bearing or lifting equipment.

When you can’t afford the down time or the inconvenience to bring your lifting and safety equipment into our factory, you can take advantage of our on-site inspection and testing service.

You and your team’s safety is our highest priority, and you can be assured that we are fully accredited to assist with all of your lifting and safety needs.

We currently offer our services to the following regions:

We also supply our large range of lifting equipment and safety products throughout Australia.

Safety Lifting Equipment service area

Our key services include:

On-site inspection and testing services
Overhead Gantry Crane Repairs & Servicing
Engineering Fabrication Services
Hire Lifting Rigging Equipment
Lifting Equipment Repairs
Height Safety Equipment & Solutions
Jack Testing
Load Cell Hire Fabrication

We also supply a full range of lifting equipment products and height safety solutions.

What Our Clients say about us

Safety Equipment

It goes without saying that moving and managing heavy loads or loads at height doesn’t come without risk.

This is where safety equipment comes in to prevent accident, damage, injury or death.

It’s important to purchase your safety equipment from an accredited supplier like All About Lifting & Safety. Equipment sold by cheap suppliers is often inferior in quality, and if purchased from an overseas supplier it may not comply with local safety standards.

The last thing you want to do is jeopardise your or your team’s safety with questionable safety equipment.

Maintaining Your Safety Equipment

Maintaining Your Safety Equipment

To ensure your equipment remains in good working order and safety standards are maintained, you should have it regularly inspected and load tested.

All About Lifting & Safety are certified inspection officers and can check and repair your lifting equipment to ensure it remains in a safe working condition.

We complete inspections at our client sites on a monthly, three monthly, six monthly or annual basis, depending on the use and quantity of equipment.

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