Round Slings

The round sling is the answer to all of your lighter lifting needs. They’re a great tool to have in any industry, because they’re light, soft, and versatile. This means you can move them around with little hassle and without damage to the item being lifted.

All About Lifting & Safety has a wide range of round slings to fit whatever purpose you have in mind. All of our products have a high strength-to-weight ratio and can handle a range of lifting different styles, meaning that we’ve got the answer to several of your lifting needs in just one product.

Round Slings: Choosing the Right Round Sling

Round Slings: The Lighter Choice

There are many different types and sizes of round sling available. At All About Lifting & Safety, we have a wide variety of industry-leading choices for you to choose from.

Here are some of the specifications we’ll look at to choose the right round sling for you:

  • Sling thickness under a heavy load
  • Maximum and minimum length of sling
  • Maximum weight load
  • Radius of sling edge
  • Diameter of sling edge
Round Slings: The Lighter Choice

All About Lifting & Safety’s Round Sling Tips

At All About Lifting, our experts always put the safety of your personnel and equipment at the forefront of everything we do.

Here are some safety tips for ensuring that you use round slings safely and effectively:

  • Never exceed sling capacity
  • Store all round slings away from direct sunlight or wet areas
  • Invest in an inner sheath to help you gauge lifting capability
  • Only lift one thing at a time
  • Check your product comes with a test certificate.