Pipe Lifters

Pipe lifters are a key piece of lifting equipment for any business or site where cement or steel pipes need to be lifted and placed safely.

Obviously, for something as heavy as a cement pipe, you can’t rely on personnel manually lifting the pipes without causing injury. This is where a good pipe lifter and All About Lifting & Safety comes in to offer you a safe, efficient option to moving and placing these pipes.

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Pipe Lifters: The Safest Lifting Equipment

There are many different types of pipe lifters available at All About Lifting, but here are some of the most common types in the industry:

  • Pipe clamps
  • Spade-style pipe lifters
  • Keyhole pipe lifters
  • Pipe hooks
  • Pipe tongs.

Contact us today to discuss the perfect pipe lifter to fit your needs. We stock all of the industry-leading pipe lifters and accessories to cater to every industry.

Pipe Lifters The Safest Lifting Equipment

All About Lifting & Safety Technical Specifications

At All About Lifting, one of our experts is always on hand, ready to advise you on the safest option that can handle even the largest diameter pipes, while keeping your personnel and equipment safe.

Here are some of the specifications we’ll look at when choosing the right pipe lifter for your needs:

  • The height and length of the lifter
  • The safe loading range
  • The maximum height and length of the pipe
  • The range of the pipe’s diameter.