Jack Inspections and Testing

The jack is an important mechanical device used as a lifting tool to lift heavy loads. Jack testing is essential for its safety use to lift heavy weights in the industry. We guarantee the best jack inspections and testing in line with Australian standards.

There are different types of jacks which include the most common car jack, Other types of jack include the bottle jack, pneumatic jack, hydraulic jack, inflatable air jack, trolley jack, transmission Jack and stand jacks.

With specific details, these jacks perform the same function of lifting weight in diverse ways. Jacks required for particular industries should contain an Inspection / Testing schedule that the user must meet. At All About Lifting and Safety, we can provide the necessary information and advice needed on the testings and inspections regimes and can undertake load testing of jacks at your premises.

So how do we maintain jacks and limit the risk and danger they pose to human life? Jacks must be tested and comply to Australian standards  and function as per manufacture’s original specifications.

Jack Inspections and Testing

The importance of jack testing should not be ignored. Jacks have transformed over the years and it is of high importance to the output of industries. National and international standards have been developed to standardize the safety and performance requirements for jacks and other lifting devices.  All About Lifting & Safety offer an effective means for you to meet your WHS requirements by implementing an Inspection and Testing regime.

Highly Trained and Competent staff undertake inspections and testing of Jacks in accordance with Australian Standard AS2615, AS2693, AS2538. We pride ourselves on delivering the best service to our customers and constantly strive to exceed their expectations. Jacks pose a significantly high risk to industry, with diligent monitoring and implementation of an Inspection and Testing regime, we have been able to dramatically reduce the potential risk jacks may pose to our clients.

For assistance with Jack Inspections & Testing services, please feel free to contact us.

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