Swiftlifts / Concrete Clutches

A Swiftlift is a safe and efficient way to lift and position any concrete panel or slab you need. Most Swiftlifts can accommodate a range of different capacities and can lift the concrete in various directions.

This versatility is coupled with the fact that it can be connected and disconnected quickly, meaning you can move several pieces of concrete in a shorter space of time, a key to efficiency on the worksite.

How We Will Help You Choose the Perfect Swiftlift

At All About Lifting & Safety, we always work closely with our customers to ensure the Swiftlift we supply is the perfect Swiftlift for them. This means minimal maintenance and trouble down the road, helping you get the job done with less fuss.

Here are some of the things we look at when helping our customers choose the right Swiftlift:

  • The width of the concrete you want to lift
  • The length of the concrete you want to lift
  • The environment you will use it in
  • The length of the Swiftlift anchor
  • The edge diameters of the concrete.
How We Will Help You Choose the Perfect Swiftlift

All About Lifting & Safety Swiftlift Care Instructions

At All About Lifting & Safety, we have always put our client’s safety and equipment integrity at the forefront of what we do.

That’s why our experts have compiled some tips about keeping your Swiftlift working safely for longer:

  • Do not overload the Swiftlift beyond its Working Load Limit (WLL). You can find this written on any component of your Swiftlift.
  • Visually inspect the Swiftlift yourself each time before use, to ensure there are no visible faults.
  • Have a professional inspect your Swiftlift once a month to ensure there are no visible or non-visible faults.
  • Keep your Swiftlift stored in a clean, dry place with limited exposure to extreme temperatures.
  • Only lift one item at a time.
  • Do not use the Swiftlift to lift concrete items not permitted in the individual manual.
  • Always check the tension in the Swiftlift before you initiate the lift, for safety of your personnel and equipment.

Sounds like the ideal equipment for your jobsite? Give us a call today to pick the perfect Swiftlift for your needs!

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