Height Safety in the Workplace

Falls and accidents that occur while working at height is still one of the biggest causes of workplace deaths and injuries. Even today with all of the equipment and safety regulations we have, thousands of people each year in Australia have an accident as a direct result of poor height safety.

With the proper guidance and expertise from All About Lifting & Safety, you can make sure that your staff are safe and free to work at height without worrying.

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Height Safety Tips

Our experts are all qualified professionals, aware of all appropriate regulations and safety steps you can follow to keep your staff and yourself safe.

Here are their top 3 tips to ensuring height safety while at work:

Avoid working at heights

1. Avoid working at heights.
This might sound obvious, or impractical for some businesses, but it is best to minimise the amount of time staff spend working at height. The less time spend elevated, the less likely they are to face a workplace accident.

Wear proper footwear at all times

2. Wear proper footwear at all times.
All staff working at height should be wearing appropriate footwear which fits, has an anti-slip sole and gives good balance while working at height.

Keep all surfaces dry

3. Keep all surfaces dry.
If there is a small amount of water on a ladder, on the floor or in the wider workplace, the chances of falling from height greatly increase. Make sure there is no water, oil or other liquids putting your staff in jeopardy.

With height safety such an important part of the workplace environment, it’s vital that you take the right steps to implement it throughout your operations. Our team of experts will make the process straightforward and that all necessary regulations are met, keeping your staff safe.

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