Cable Stockings - Safe & secure cable management

Effectively handles cables that need to be pulled, attached or secured. The Wireaid cable stockings have a woven sleeve design with a built in eye to slide onto the cable and form an attachment.

Also known as cable grips, cable pullers, cable socks, wire rope pulling grips, woven grips and Chinese finger grips, the stocking shrinks to fit the cable and tightens when pulled.

Handwoven by the Wireaid specialist team and Australia, these cable stockings are used by businesses all over the world. Most commonly supplied to the mining, oil & gas, utilities, high pressure water jetting, renewable energy, agriculture and construction industries.


These cable stockings are available in three core materials. Depending on your application, you may require a stocking made from Kevlar, galvanised, or high grade stainless steel.



Ready-made cable stockings are available in 6mm to 300mm sizes
Made to measure products are supplied when required, for unique challenges and specialist applications, Wireaid provide fully customised solutions.

Single Eye Cable Stockings - 3