Cable Wedge Sockets

Cable wedge sockets are used to attach a steel cable to a fixed point. They are most often used on cranes. When the rope needs frequent changing due to wear, or when frequent rope length adjustment is a requirement of the task, a cable wedge socket is the best tool for the job.

To use a wedge socket, the wire rope is threaded into the tapered opening of the cable wedge socket and then coiled around the wedge. The wedge slots into the socket and the load is gently lifted, ensuring that it isn’t jolted. The weight of the load causes the wedge socket to tighten. The more you haul, the more the wedge tightens in the socket. The wedge and socket acts as a vice in securely gripping the rope.

Wedge Sockets

Purchasing a Cable Wedge Socket

It is not necessary to purchase a cable wedge socket kit for every rope size. Most wedge sockets can fit several different wedge sizes, so you can use the wedge socket with various dimensions of wire rope.

There is a wide selection of sizes to fit many different rope dimensions. It is important that you ensure that the wedge socket is the correct size for the rope thickness that you are using. A cable wedge socket typically has an efficiency rating of between 75% and 80%. This means that the minimum breaking load of the cable wedge socket is 75% to 80% of the minimum breaking load of the wire.

Purchasing a Cable Wedge Socket

Safe Use of the Cable Wedge Socket

As with all lifting equipment, safe use is essential:

  • Your pin, socket and wedge should be inspected before and after each application to ensure that there are no cracks or deformities.
  • Ensure that the rope end is properly welded and not frayed before inserting it into the wedge socket.
  • The steel rope should be in line with the centre of the pin.
  • Before putting the equipment into use, ensure that the wedge is firmly in place, using a hammer.

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