Chain Blocks & Lever Blocks

Chain blocks, also known as chain hoists, are a great investment for doing heavy duty lifting on the worksite. These products are used to lift and lower heavy loads by making use of a chain.

Using a winching system, they come in both manual and electric varieties. These mechanisms contain a chain used for lifting as well as a hand chain and grabbing hook.

While chain blocks do lifting vertically, you can also employ multi-directional lever blocks (aka lever hoists) which can work for pulling as well as lifting.

Chain blocks and/or lever blocks are important pieces of equipment for any garage or construction company that do lifting or pull heavy loads. Human power and other lifting capabilities can only get you so far and can be a risky option. Since chain and lever blocks are made from either single or double fall chain configurations, you’re able to find the ideal configuration for your load weight.

The Importance of Chain Blocks and Lever Blocks When Lifting Heavy Objects

Advantages of Manual Chain Blocks

Making use of a manual chain block has a lot of advantages:

  • Power outages won’t get you down – Manual operating equipment can even be used when power outages occur, so the workload will never fall behind
  • Easy operation – Operating this equipment is easy and requires little training in operation
  • Completion of heavy lifting jobs by one person – Where more than one worker would have been needed to lift heavy loads via other means, completion of lifting jobs with the use of a chain block or lever block mostly only requires one person
  • Lifting heavy loads – Being able to lift heavy loads where it once was not possible, or could only be done with difficulty, is a great advantage to business owners.

All About Lifting & Safety has a range of both heavy and light load-lifting chain blocks and lever blocks that you can choose from to make working with loads easier for you!

If you have any questions about which configuration is right for your jobsite, then make sure to get in contact with us today.