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Here at All About Lifting & Safety, we try and answer any lifting, height safety & confined space enquiry.

With our combined experience in the lifting, height safety & confined space industries, our staff will most probably have the answer for you. In the unlikely event that we don't, we will work with manufactures and content matter experts to find the solution.

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At All About Lifting & Safety we know everything there is to know about Casar wire rope. We can provide hands on advice on which Casar rope is the best choice for your project and can supply it as soon as you need it.

Whether you need Casar wire rope for a crane or underground mining hoist ropes, we can fit you out with the best Casar rope for you.

You can be assured you are speaking to a highly experienced team member who understands exactly what equipment you need. But also be assured we will be there when you need us most.

We offer 24 hour technical support (0499 211 150) and Casar wire rope supply for urgent situations. We won’t ever leave you or your team hanging.

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