Drum Lifting Slings

Lifting heavy liquid containers presents unique challenges to any industry. As Australia’s leading providers and experts of drum lifting equipment and all types of drum lifting device, look no further than All About Lifting & Safety for all of your lifting equipment needs.

Our team of professionals will not only provide you with a consultation to understand fully what products will suit your liquid lifting needs, but we also stock one of Australia’s greatest selections of drum lifting devices and accessories to cater to every need.

Drum Lifting Sling

All About Lifting & Safety’s Drum Lifting Equipment

At All About Lifting & Safety, our team of qualified professionals know full well the wide range of regulations that surround operating and owning any drum lifting device. That’s why we will not only supply you with the correct device and accessories, but can also run you through how to use the device safely and without injury or damage to personnel and equipment.

In addition to a drum lifting device, you will also need:

  • Clamps to secure the load. Any liquid being lifted either vertically or horizontally must be clamped in place with industry-standard clamps.
  • Stands. We have several sizes, types and design of stand available for you to choose from.
  • A drum lifting sling. We stock several drum lifting sling designs to cater to any overhead lifting needs. We also offer maintenance and inspection services to the sling after purchase.
  • Drum covers. As per the Australian regulations, each drum lifting device must be securely covered before moving.
  • Positioners, tilters and trolleys. These are necessary accessories for any drum lifting device to ensure mobility of the drum and a successful, safe lift.

At All About Lifting & Safety, we are Australia’s leading supplier of all types of heavy lifting material and drum lifting device. Call us today for your expert drum lifting equipment consultation.