Crane Lubricant

Regular lubrication helps to increase the lifetime of a steel wire rope significantly compared to a wire rope that has not been lubricated. Also, lubricating a wire rope while in service helps to prevent corrosion of the wires. Corrosion can be internal and external, and it often is caused by acids, alkaline waters, salt air, humidity, fumes, and abrasive and industrial environments in general.


Lanomax Lanolin Liquid

  • Lanomax Lanolin remains as the heaviest lanolin content product in liquid form on the market, whilst other brands have Heavy Duty etc, all Lanomax Lanolin is the maximum lanolin content and still remain sprayable.
  • Lanomax Lanolin is stable, not requiring stirring or shaking for up to a month. Slow drying and no solvent odour.
  • Lanolin is non toxic and U.V. stable, which is ideal when environmental pressures requires the most responsible solution.
  • Available in Aerosol, bottles and bulk form.

Lanomax Lanolin Grease

  • Lanomax Lanolin grease is pure technical grade anhydrous lanolin.
  • Non toxic, U.V. stable and an ideal lubricant for cables in environmentally sensitive situations.
  • Available in 2kg tubs and 20 kg Drums.


  • Penizine is an ideal cable lube and protectant against corrosion.
  • Penizine was developed to meet a demand in the market for a high quality water dispersant  and lubricant that would resist drying.
  • Traditional products would dispel water, but over time would dry out, leaving the exposed surface to moisture and humidity – resulting in rust.
  • Penizine is ideal for use with wire ropes that require penetration to the core. Provides a light coating on wire surface as well.
  • Penizine Plus is ideal where a higher surface lubrication is required.
  • Suited for the hotter climates and for water use.
  • Penizine Plus has been independently tested and found to outperform most leading brands in the market for corrosion protection.
  • Available in 5 litre, 20 litre and 200 litre

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