On-Site Inspection and Testing Services

All About Lifting ensures that before taking any client on-board, we take into consideration their needs by offering an extensive site inspection and using a fully compliant HSE Site Inspection Checklist. It’s hard to imagine doing almost anything, in some industries, without having to use some kind of lifting equipment – whether it’s moving operations one location to another, or moving gear around. However, the safety and complexity of moving such equipment demands that proper measures are taken, right from site inspection to delivery and installation. This ensures that the purpose for which the lifting equipment is being installed is met at the end of the day.

Site Inspection

Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals start off a site inspection using a fully compliant HSE Site Inspection Checklist. We inspect the site based on the following parameters:

Safety Tour

Safety Tour
This involves a general inspection of the site. We consider the working space, and the space deemed appropriate to perform the tasks involved in the business.

Safety Sampling

Safety Sampling
This encompasses surveying particularly dangerous activities, processes and areas that can impact the well-being of the employees.

Safety Survey

Safety Survey
This is an overall and in-depth inspection of the tools currently used or involved in the deployment of tasks. We consider their impact on the wellbeing and safety of the employees.

Incident Inspection

Incident InspectionThis is carried out in case of an accident or injury involving the employees due to an accident or ill health that has been reported to health and safety managers or authorities.

HSE Site Inspection Checklist

Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals always use a fully compliant HSE Site Inspection Checklist. This checklist helps us evaluate the significant aspects of employee security and it gives us a good starting point to evaluate the nature of any incident and its impact on the employees and their working conditions.

In the case a possible health and safety hazard is identified using the HSE Site Inspection Checklist, steps can be identified to mitigate the risks that are posed to the employees.

It’s good practice to review and use the HSE Site Inspection Checklist on a regular basis. Keep everything documented and state the potential risks and threats to streamline and manage health and safety processes.

If you need more information regarding site inspection using a HSE Site Inspection Checklist, or any other lifting and safety needs, contact us today.