Grade 80, 100 & 120 Lifting Chain

All About Lifting & Safety has all the right lifting chains. Grades include 80, 100 & 120. Lifting chains allow your team to easily lift objects of different shapes and sizes with their gripping strength and shock absorbing properties. Utilise these products when moving, lifting or positioning your loads. When rope won’t do the job, our lifting chains will help you get your job done.

Chain Sling Safety Tips

Here are our top five tips when using chains:

  • Always have equally distributed loads
    Uneven loads can damage your equipment.
  • Operate using smooth movements
    Try to avoid quick stops, drops, lifts and impacts while using your height safety equipment.
  • Remove knots and twists
    When connecting your load, always remove knots and twists in the chain as they can compromise the integrity of the chain sling.
  • Identify sharp corners and edges
    Inspect your load for sharp edges and either pad them or use protectors to avoid contact with your chains.
  • Keep them certified
    Always ensure chain slings have been inspected, tagged & certified for use.

At All About Lifting & Safety, your safety equipment experts, we carry a full line of lifting chains.