Wire Rope Winch with Steel Case

Tirfors are portable, precise and they are safe. The load placement achieved by these machines is very accurate. A tirfor requires no power source, so these machines are ideal for construction sites. It takes just one person to operate a tirfor, using a telescopic handle. They are also compact, so they can fit into tight corners

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Pulling Capacity (kg) Wire rope (mm) Construction Handle Force (N) A mm B mm C mm N.W. Winch Only (kg) N.W. Wire Rope (kg)
1250 8.3 6x19S+IWRC 343 44 265 63 9 8
2500 11.4 6x25Fi+IWRC 438 550 300 77 16.5 12
5000 16.4 6x25Fi+IWRC 438 690 350 91 31 24


Wire Rope Winch with Steel Case

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