All About Lifting & Safety Requirements You Need to Know

All About Lifting & Safety Requirements You Need to Know

Knowing all about lifting and safety requirements & equipment, as well as getting regular inspections and expert advice is a must for working at heights.

Lifting is a common operation on construction sites, in warehouses and in the production environment. If not conducted under controlled conditions both manual and mechanical lifting have the potential to cause severe injury or death.

With a combined 80 years of experience, All About Lifting & Safety is here to help you with choosing lifting equipment, and the key safety requirements you need to know.

Identifying All Lifting Equipment Risks

Ensuring a safe working environment starts with a risk assessment. Lifting equipment carries with it inherent risks. All About Lifting & Safety can help you to identify the risks. We offer on-site inspection and testing. Our inspectors are certified to perform standard lifting equipment inspections.

The All About Lifting & Safety inspectors are trained, educated and experienced. They can help to ensure that your lifting equipment is safe and is appropriate for the job at hand. Where possible our experienced inspectors will examine your lifting equipment without having to stop the operation.

By law, your lifting equipment must have regular inspections carried out by a qualified inspector. Set up regular safety checks with the licensed inspectors at All About Lifting & Safety and make sure that your lifting equipment is in safe working order.

Lifting Equipment Repairs and Maintenance

One of the most challenging aspects of operating lifting equipment Brisbane is not the operation as much as the repairs and maintenance of the machines. You are after all in the business of construction or manufacturing. You no doubt do not employ experts in lifting machine mechanics.

All About Lifting & Safety can offer you on-site gantry and lift repair and maintenance service, ensuring that your lifting equipment is in top working order, saving you from downtime that costs both time and money. Our team of trained engineers will keep your lifting equipment Brisbane in top shape.

Specialised Lifting and Rigging Requirements

Come to All About Lifting& Safety for all your lifting and rigging requirements, our trained engineers can even custom make all lifting and rigging equipment to meet your unique set of requirements. If you require it, we can also provide on-call technical advice.

At All Lifting & Safety, we have a huge inventory of lifting equipment as well as rigging jacking, safety and material handling equipment that we hire out to companies that require it for shorter periods of time or for projects. All of the lifting equipment that we rent out is certified and complies with the highest safety standards. We can quickly deliver the lifting equipment to your specifications.

Height Safety

If height safety is your concern All About Lifting and Safety employ licensed safety officers who can inspect your premises and assist you with advice on safe working processes at height. We can supply you with the correct safety equipment and ensure that it is all properly installed. We can help you to keep your employees safe no matter what the height requirements.

All About Lifting & Safety Requirements You Need to Know