Load Cell Hire Fabrication

In simple terms, a load cell is a piece of equipment that senses applied physical pressure. It then creates an electrical signal with a magnitude that is proportionate to the force that had been applied.

There are several types of load cells including hydraulic load cell, capacitive load cell, strain gauge load cell and pneumatic load cell.

Crane load cells are made in such a way that they clamp onto an inert wire rope or cable to make it easy to detect any overload on a crane or hoist.

A load cell is an important tension control tool and crucial to the measurement process. If you do not have an accurate mode of measurement and control, productivity and product quality will be affected. Excess tension can lead to distortions or breakage, while low tension will not be useful in any way and will still bring about damage. Either way, you stand to lose if the tension is not accurate.

Load Cell Hire Fabrication

At All About Lifting & Safety, we understand the importance of correct tension. That is why we only provide load cells that have high tolerance levels. Our load cells are robust and tough. They can withstand jolts, overloads and some level of mishandling by the operators. Additionally, and more importantly, they are sensitive and extremely quick when it comes to detecting the slightest fluctuation in tension. Their stainless steel makeup gives the load cells the ability to withstand and perform even in harsh and aggressive environments.

The configurations and capacities of the load cells are varied, and meet a wide range of needs. Your load cell will come with operating manuals and our team of experts is on call and ready to assist you at any time with your load cell.

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