PushLock Window Washing Anchor

Discreet window washing anchorage with aesthetic appeal. The MSA PushLock® anchorage for window-washing is typically used where access from inside a building is needed to carry out external work, such as for window cleaning and maintenance. The PushLock® provides an internal fixed anchor to which a worker can confidently attach a safety harness and lanyard while going about his or her duties.

  • The pushlock socket is a permanent anchor installed into the structure or the building
  • The socket is suitable for installation in a variety or materials including brickwork, concrete and steelwork
  • Sockets are available for installation in cavity walls and suspended ceilings
  • the pushlock socket is discretely capped when not in use
  • Socket caps are available in a prestige brass finish, stainless steel and a range of colours
  • When required, the worker inserts a pushlock eye bolt into the socket to create a secure anchor
  • Insertion or removal of the pushlock eye bolt are tested to 22 kN as part of internal test procedures
  • System testing must be conducted annually to ensure that system certification is maintained. Key system checks such as pull testing are part of this process. System testing and maintenance should only be undertaken by trained and certified installers

MARKETS: Utilities | Construction
APPLICATIONS: Working at Heights