Latchways Horizontal Lifeline Systems

MSA’s range of Latchways® Engineered Horizontal Lifeline Systems, incorporating the patented Constant Force® Post, can be deployed across virtually all the major roof types including standing-seam, composite, built-up-on-site, secret-fix and membrane. Fixing the Constant Force Post does not damage the integrity of the roof and therefore will not compromise the roof guarantee.

  • Systems can be designed for up to five simultaneous users
  • fixes to virtually all types of structure and roofing system
  • Follows the contour of the building by going around bends and up and down inclines
  • Can be extended to include vertical sections
  • The unique transfastener allows workers to travel the full length of the system without having to detach and re-attach
  • Normally incorporates the unique constant force post for assured fall arrest protection and simplified installation
  • Where the constant force post is not applicable, in-line shock absorbers or a constant force energy absorber can be incorporated for equal safety assurance
  • Meets all appropriate international standards

MARKETS: Construction | General Industry | Mining | Oil & Gas | Utilities
APPLICATIONS: Working at Heights