Lifting & Rigging Hardware:
Heavy Duty Lifting Equipment

When your team needs to lift heavy, large or irregular loads, All About Lifting & Safety heavy duty lifting equipment will get the job done.

Other companies may use loaders or excavators to complete lifts, but this is proven to be less effective and not always safe. Using the right heavy duty lifting equipment for your job will provide your team more time to focus on other tasks rather than trying to balance the load on an excavator.

Lifting Machinery

There are different types of lifting machines that can help you lift those heavy duty loads.


Forklifts. Also known as a fork truck, a forklift is great for short distances. To drive and operate a forklift, you must be certified and can lift a load up to 50 tonnes.


Winches. For heavy duty lifts, an electric powered winch will allow you to pull your load over a slight incline. Rather than lifting high, the power of winch can be found in its ability to pull over a horizontal distance.


Cranes. Cranes use a hoist system to move heavy duty loads vertically and horizontally. Similar to the forklift, cranes are operated by a trained operator. The load you are able to lift is determined by the size and characteristics of the crane.

Boom Truck

Boom Truck. If you are wanting to move your heavy duty load over a large distance, a boom truck is the heavy duty lifting equipment for you. Complete with a crane on the back, you are able to lift and secure your load, drive to the desired location and dismount the load at the new site. Remember, just like a crane, a boom truck operator must be certified.

No matter the lift, always remember to create a safe job site. Using heavy duty lifting equipment increases the chances for a fatal accident if safety standards are not met. Both your lifting team and certified operator should understand their role in a safe lift and job site.

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